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Eva Duarte de Perón Eva Duarte de Perón, better know as Evita, was born in 1919. Evita went on to become a powerful Argentine political leader. She was the wife of Juan Perón, whom she married in 1945; she virtually co-governed the country during his first six years as president. A minor actress before she met Perón, Evita, became active in politics and helped organize the mass demonstration of workers that secured his …

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…the army, which blocked her vice presidential offer in 1951. After her death from cancer at the age of 33, the Perón regime declined. Evita was the backbone of her husband, without her he would have been nothing. She was even better liked among the people than her husband was. There was even a movie made starring Madonna about her and Argentina, this just goes to show how much of an impact she had on people.