Evaluting Macbeth by using Joseph Campbell's steps of a hero.

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Evaluating a Hero Shakespeare's tragic play Macbeth can be interpreted by using Joseph Campbell's steps of a hero. Although Macbeth himself is not a Campbell's hero in the full sense, he does go through a number of the hero stages. Other characters in the play can also be seen as a partial Campbell's hero, such as Macduff and Malcolm. Macbeth can be evaluate as a Campbell's hero by following the steps of Departure, Initiation, and …

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…back to Scotland to avenge King Duncan's death by killing Macbeth and to win back what was rightfully his. His last step crossing the return threshold is the same as Macduff. He succeeded in the revenge of his father and becoming king. In conclusion, Joseph Campbell's steps of a hero were able to evaluate Shakespeare's tragic play Macbeth. It shows a series of steps of how Macbeth, Macduff, and Malcolm were heroes in certain ways.