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Euthanasia Voluntary euthanasia is a very contentious issue in today’s society. This is where a terminally ill patient’s life is ended at their request. The law allows doctors to withdraw treatment or administer high doses of pain-relieving drugs even though they expect this will result in death. However, euthanasia is still considered a serious crime. Advocates of euthanasia argue that it prevents terminally-ill patients from pointlessly suffering and that it lets them die …

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…large majority of terminations are comfortably decided by our present system there is no need to legalise euthanasia. To do this will open the right to a “good death” to the vagaries of theologians, legislators, medical practicioners, etc. who may be divorced from the realities of lying in a bed of pain, excreta and debasement! Bibliography Bibliography Clark, Brian; “Whose Life Is It Anyway?”, published by Samuel French. Taylor, Barry; “Euthanasia-is it a ‘good’ death?”