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EU Crisis Spring 1999 was supposed to be the European Union's finest hour, as its Economic and Monetary Union finally got underway. Instead, the union was thrown into turmoil. After a scathing report suggesting corruption and mismanagement in the European Commission, all 20 commissioners were forced to step down. At the same time negotiations to reform the EU budget were deadlocked, jeopardizing ambitious plans to take in new members from Eastern Europe. It took a meeting of …

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…and two points in a straight line at right angles to the mast. The circle is arranged so that the stars appear in the position of the hours on the face of a clock. Their number is invariable. REGULATION COLOURS The emblem is in the following colours: PANTONE REFLEX BLUE for the surface of the rectangle; PANTONE YELLOW for the stars. The international PANTONE range is very widely available and easily accessible even for non-professionals.