European Directives affecting banking and financial services law in the UK.

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INTRODUCTION There are certain common underlying themes in European financial services policy and law. These include investor, depositor and policyholder protection, prudential supervision of the phenomenon known as bancassurance or Allfinanz , common rules on prevention of money-laundering and protection of personal data. The role of the State in the provision of financial services, in particular provision for old age and retirement, is also an increasingly important policy and legislative area. For these reasons harmonisation of …

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…has been driven by technological change, the creation of passports for many kinds of financial business and the intoduction of the Euro. Together these factors will make for easier cross-border transaction. The obstacles towards progress continue in the form of the establishment of cross border minimum standards relating to issues of distance marketing and E-commerce with heavier emphasis on issues of harminisation of accounting standards, prospectus requirements, standards for market trading, clearing and consumer protection.