Euripides, A Man Before His Time

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Euripides was a very modern writer for an Ancient Greece playwright. He has been described as a rebellious youth, a skeptic and a loner. He rejected the traditional Greek gods, and instead of making men larger than life, Euripides shows men as they are with uncompromising realism. Unlike other dramatists of his time he opposed the double standard applied to women and it shows in his works. Ion is an example of one his works …

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…play it had a distinctly modern slant. The alternative music and modern dance added to the picture of the trendy chorus and added a little flair to the play as a whole. The dancing and chanting unified them as the group they were rather than singling them out as individuals. All of these aspects lent themselves easily to the depicting of Euripides beliefs about the gods, human suffering and the injustice of women. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**