Essay reviewing and outlining major points included in the study How Families Still Matter by USC Prof. Verne Bengtson

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SOCI 150 Midterm #2 Review of How Families still Matter Every Time I turn on the news it seems as though the media is trying to assert that today's youth are lazy products of the apparently struggling institution that is the Family. As a person who grew up in a family that could have been the model for a 1950's sitcom I find this interesting. Even though I grew up in a traditional family setting, I often …

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…my life growing up so it is hard for me to relate to these experiences. For the majority of all families this book could show parents how the changes in family structure over the last 30 years have affected things. With this book parents can shape their relationships with their children to provide the most nourishing childhood experience, ignore the fear-mongering media, and look to more educated sources to see how effectively they raise their children.