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This paper was written for a football coach who taught health. Evidently I am a social user of this narcotic and am not a believer in the research indicated. ABSTRACT: This paper, entitled 'Mary Jane: The Devil Weed?' attempts to examine what we know about marijuana and what problems are associated with its use. The paper examines briefly the history of marijuana legislation, marijuana's known effects, and conclusions about its danger. Early in this …

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…more research is necessar.' In other words, most of the reserach and most of the scientists have indicated that all the answers are not in yet. WORKS CITED Anrews, Matthew. (1972). The Parents Guide to Drugs (Doubleday & Co.). pp. 4-12. Jaffe, Jerome H. (1995). Encylopedia of Drugs & Alcohol (Simon & Schuster). pp. 659-663. O'Brien, R., Cohen, S., Evans, G., and Fine, J., (Eds.). (1992). The Enclopedia of Drug Abuse (Facts on File, Inc.). pp. 175-179.