Essay on managing a virtual workforce with the use of technology.

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Managing the 21st Century workforce Advantages of a "virtual" workforce Today's rapid changes in technology have altered not only how people work, but where they work. High-powered lap-top computers, modems, video conference units and the Internet have created a new category of the workforce, known as "telecommuters." Also frequently referred to as "virtual" workers, these employees conduct most of their business affairs without ever stepping into the office. Telecommuting appeals to many employers because it …

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…quite different from what they are accustomed to today, and therefore it will be necessary for them to learn new skills along with their employees. In order to succeed in implementing "virtual" organizations, corporations must adopt practices that will enable them to leverage the benefits of the new high-tech world while at the same time building in some kind of "high touch" elements which would replace what employees currently receive in the traditional office environment.