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In Albert Camus’ “The Stranger” the “story of an ordinary man who gets drawn into a senseless murder” is told. Taking place in Algeria this man, Meursault, is constantly in a climate of extreme warmth, as are all the inhabitants therein. The sun, the source of light and the cause of this warmth, is thus a vital and normal part of his life. It brings warmth and comfort yet it can also cause pain and …

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…and the sun.” Thus, as Meursault states later in the novel he kills the Arab “because of the sun,” and it’s many attacks upon him. Throughout Camus’ novel the sun acts the part of and aggressor and comforter and Meursault deals with these conflicting positions. However during the beach scene the sun leans on the side of aggressor, tormenting Meursault to the point that he will do anything to escape its wrath--- even murder.