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Essay on " The Millstone" by Margaret Drabble "[...] and thought what a pity it was that resentments should breed so near the cradle, that people should so have had it from birth." First of all, I think it is important to reveal the content which the statement is taken out of. It Oes a thought that Rosamund, the main character of "The Millstone", written by Margaret Drabble, has, when she visits her sister Beatrice and sees …

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…coherent education can breed entirely different characters. Beatrice Oes children might still change their attitude towards people from lower classes, but as long as they live with their parents, there will always be an aversion to them. Estimating Rosamund Oes statement, I Oed only say that it Oes correct to relate the conditions of social behaviour to children, but that Rosamund should have differentiated her opinion a little when thinking about her sister Oes development.