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Chineua Achebe, Nigerian writer claims he wrote with specific purposes, having goals he wished to accomplish through his novels. In this paper I will use two of his works to demonstrate the ways in which Achebe held true to his intentions. I will use themes and scenes present in his novels to demonstrate that he does present an accurate view of daily Ibo village life in Things Fall Apart and also an accurate portrayal of …

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…examples of conflicting cultures and ways in which Achebe weaves many questions into his work. In short, Achebe has satisfied himself and the reader, producing work representative of his own goals and the Nigerian people. Works Cited Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol 117 pages 1-2 Achebe, Chineua Things fall apart Achebe, Chineua No longer at ease Current Biography Yearbook 1992 Contemporary Literary criticism Vol. 75 World Book Encyclopedia page 326 A-H Conrad, Joseph Heart of darkness Selected Essays Doubleday