Essay is describing Noonan's point of view for the Anti-abortion.

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Noonan's is an extreme anti-abortionist. He believed that once conceived, the being was recognized as human because he/she had human's potential. The criterion for humanity, thus, was simple and all embracing: if you are conceived by human parents, you are human. He believes in four pro-choice criteria for human being. The first criterion is viability. Viability is the point in time in which a fetus lived attached to its mother determines the fate. Notion …

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…given the same human respect he/she deserved. The last of these criteria's is social visibility. They argument says that the fetus hasn't been socially perceived as human: it cannot communicate like humans. Noonan's views for this argument is as follows. He says that humanity does not depend on social recognition, although the failure to recognize this fact has led it to destruction of lives. These are the Noonan's point of view towards the abortion.