Essay analyzing Nietzsche's "Ubermensch"

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Nietzsche's philosophical idea of "superman," or übermensch, portrays a man who has dominance over himself, not others. Often people connect the modern day picture of "superman" with Nietzsche's übermensch. This however, could not be any more incorrect. Superman represents a man clad in steel, insuperable. Übermensch focuses on the persona of a man, one who has self recognition. <Tab/>Nietzsche conveys the …

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…that those who obtain the qualities of the übermensch create a tyrannical atmosphere. In fact, society as a whole creates a world of single thought, of insipid lives stripped of art. Slave masters come about as a result of frustration and resentment. <Tab/> In conclusion, übermensch represent creators, artists, one with individual thought. Those lost in human nature represent creatures, preachers, one of the combine.