Essay about mosly how the internet works also gives brief discripion of how modems work also

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Modem is short for Modulator-demodulator. What happens when you use a 56k modem is you send data that has been modulated so the phone lines understand it. When you receive data through a modem you are demodulating, and returning it into digital data. So basically what you have is a form of compression. The first modem was invented in the 60's for businesses, the time line of the evolution of modems are as follows •300 bps …

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…found viewing that page and find out who was issued the IP address and that's it. Your IP address is like your finger print every where you go on the web you send a fingerprint and a finger print from the place that you went to is put in your computer (cookies). The internet has grown in many of ways, and will continue to do so until technology ceases to exist which will never be