Essay about a new solar system discovered in June 2002. In addition, it talks about the planet "55 Cnc d" and how it's similar to Earth.

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Recent Cosmic Discovery For many years, people thought that the planet Earth was the only planet of its kind. In addition, it was believed that the Milky Way was the only galaxy that contained planets like ours. A significant amount of time and money has gone into this quest for the unknown. Over 90 extrasolar planets have been announced over the last 15 years and over 1,200 Sun-like stars have been observed. Ultimately, little success has been made …

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…solar system a lot like our own. Lost Angeles Times [ProQuest]. Available: (2002, June 16). Salai, S. (2002, June 14). NASA finds 'Jupiter' planet in constellation. The Washington Times. [Online]. Available: Stenger, R. (2002, June 13). Planetary system found that resembles ours. [Online]. Available: Zabarenko, D. (2002, June 13). Scientists find a new planet system. [Online]. Available: http://aol://4344:3167.WSplanet.21075441.708472072