Essay about Bllod Diamonds in Africa

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The Diamond Wars: The Political Economy of Violence The captivating shimmer of a new diamond is enchanting enough to mesmerize almost any individual. The sparkle can melt ones heart or weaken ones knees. Indeed, it is more often than not the diamond ring presented as a symbol of marriage when an individual bends the knee to propose a shared life of unity. However, this symbol of harmony is frequently a key player in global imbalance …

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…conception of the African "savage". But for the culture of the African, and for the global role of Africa, as its local entities continue to forge new links to the world at large, this treasure serves only to exemplify the legacies of injustice, of the continuing lack of recognition of Africa and the African as viable, valorized global participants, and the desperate need for representation against the still largely unrecognized consequences of the colonial moment.