Ernest Hemmingway's In Our Time - an essay comparing the lost generation and the people in Hemmingway's short stories.

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Finding the Lost Generation Every generation has a certain moniker, a name, with which it is commonly associated. The 60s had their "hippies;" the 90s had "Generation-X," while the 20s had the "lost generation," a group of people defined by expatriate writers such as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein who wrote about the tough psychological and physical scars of war, and about the apathy and hypocrisy of their contemporaries in the US …

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…nt nothing more to get into the same surroundings that Krebs resents so much. Both of these stories represent the dualistic nature of the lost generation; while one part wants to settle down, the other wants nothing more than be uprooted. This dualism is what drives the mostly apathetic style that is found in both of these stories, the removed, journalist type approach to describing such complex, interpersonal and interrelationship issues that these characters face.