Eric hobsbawm 's "Nations and Nationalism"

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"The point of Hobsbawm's work is to present a thesis which will challenge current assumptions about nations and nationalism. Hobsbawm delivers on his promise." Occasionally, modern scholars and academics are graced with the privilege of studying literature produced by historians so colourful that works written by said author may dispel exponential reactions that result in, among other things, mounds of debate, criticism and sceptic theorization. Indeed, as the following shall demonstrate, E.J Hobsbawm has …

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…Union and Yugoslavia). Baldwin, on the other hand, does not seem as sceptical, stating that "his conclusion is one that flies in the face of the latest headlines and that, in any case, only our children will be able to judge." Whatever the case, E.J. Hobsbawm has indeed accomplished a well-rounded work, and with provocative statements and insightful theories, has captured the attention his contemporaries to take a second look into nations and nationalism....