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"Ergonomics" is the discipline that examines the capabilities and limitations of people. The term ergonomics is based on the two Greek word "ergon" and "nomos", which together mean "the laws of work". In terms of design, the focus of ergonomics is man; and it aims to design appliances, technical system and tasks in a way to improve human safety, health, comfort and performance. Also, it makes products easy to be used. In the following paragraphs, …

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…the machine. The weakness of man or machine could be supplemented by each other. There are also stereotype aspects of control/display relationships. Contravention of population stereotypes can lead to a longer response times; great errors and rates of error; longer training times and higher fatigue rates. In conclusion, the study of ergonomics helps to interact between people and environment. It takes the design work to be the best use and made of human capabilities.