Environmentalists say Down with the WTO

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Environmentalists say "Down with the WTO" "Trade is the ally of working people, not their enemy," WTO Director-General Mike Moore told trade union representatives. "As living standards improve, so too does education, health, the environment and labor standards." That is false; the main goal of the WTO, since established in 1995 is to promote international trade. They don't care about the trade off of a safe environment. Their main concern is flourishing economies despite environmental conditions …

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…damaging our earth any more. As an American I say we must get out of the WTO, those countries aren't concerned with the environment and are in it for greed. The U.S. must not remain in the WTO. We need to renounce the WTO for their lack of concern. The U.S. must stand up for the environment and the people it affects. By staying in the WTO we are supporting these greedly countries.