Enviromental management authority of trinidad and tobago.

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What are the functions of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA)? According to Environmental Management Act, of 2000, Act 16, article 1 and 2and I quote "16. (1) The general function of the Authority are to; (a) Make recommendations for a National Environmental Policy; (b) Develop and implement policies and programmes for the effective management and wise use of the environment, consistent with the objects of this Act; (c) Co-ordinate environmental management functions performed by person in Trinidad and Tobago; (d) …

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…A. For the E.M.A to be successful the public must be aware of it ventures and reasons for being in created. Not only must there be aware of the E.M.A but the need of the environment. The E.M.A must educate the public about the needs of the environment and the importance of the E.M.A because the public support the E.M.A it success is almost certain.