Entropic and telomere shortening theories of aging.

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What is Aging, and How Does It Come to Take Place? In January, 2002, a new theory about aging was formulated by two scientists, Leonid Garilov and Natalia Garilova, working in Chicago. This theory, that came to be known as the reliability theory of aging, stated that all living organisms are born with certain inherent flaws. As an organism ages, it suffers various shocks to its biological systems, and eventually breaks down. In a simple organism, …

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…an individual, and such alterations would most likely prove to be fatal at our point of technology. However, both ideas possess much merit as potential ways of preventing aging, and scientific research continues to attempt to find safe and easy ways to further develop these ideas. Bibliography: Bova, Ben. "Immortality: How Science is Extending Your Life Span - And Changing the World." Avon Books, New York, 1998. "Theories of Aging." http://www.antiaging-systems.com/agetheory.htm. 2003