English translation to the 7th, 8th, and 10th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Fantasy' CD.

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Track 7: Sorry A copper coin in the public square, its sorrow is hidden It sighs softly as it lies in the wishing pool Too many "I love you" makes it breathless and causes it to Lose its significance The ring is crying, lying quietly in the drawer All that remains of it is its memories, love and separation Just like the unpredictable rain which is ready to attack anytime Bridge: I missed the desks and …

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…I actually didn't want us to separate I don't have this talent To tolerate you accepting him Don't worry too much I will live on as usual You have already left me I will slowly walk away Why am I still giving in to you even though we're separating I really don't have the talent To be silent about it so soon I will learn to give you up Because I love you too much