English translation to the 3rd and 4th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Jay' CD.

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3) Starry Mood (Xin Qing) Riding the wind Drifting by the blue sky A cloud drops down in front of me Morphs into your shape Follows me with the wind Eating away sorrow mouth by mouth Being with you is like being with sunshine No matter where I go its blue skies Butterflies fly freely Flowers fill the sky Each blossom fragrant just for you Let the setting sun take flight Taking us on a grand …

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…the sky The tavern at the northern frontier is filled with people, is there any hay My horse is a little thin At the edge of the world, my face cold with loneliness Feeling homesick, pining away for the red beans Pining away for the red beans, people who are helpless drifts aimlessly on the sea Feeling so sad My wife is waiting for me at Jiang Nan Tears flowing continuously, with no words spoken