English translation to the 1st and 2nd song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Jay' CD.

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1) Lovable Woman (Ke Ai Nu Ren) Want to have a helicopter Want to fly with you to the universe Want to be together with you We'll melt into the Milky Way Everyday, everyday, everyday, I think of you This sort of sweetness makes me start to believe in fate I'm grateful to gravity for letting me bump into you So beautiful you make me blush, that lovable woman So gentle you made my heart ache, …

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…ever loved me Let crystalline tears shine as memories You're so beautiful it hurts Your perfectionism is too penetrating I can't even begin to express my hatred Remove my true heart, write it into a diary As if it were a silent film Your perfectionism is too penetrating What you said when we broke up was like verbal violence I no longer have any strength to bring up this matter Decided to end our familiarity