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England is a portion of the island of Great Britian. It was established as a monarchy many centuries ago. The capital, the largest city and chief port is London. England is somewhat triangular in shape with the tip at the mouth of the Tweed River, the eastern leg is bounded by the northern sea, and extends mostly to the southeast. The western leg of the triangle extends generally southwest from the mouth of the Tweed …

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…Cheviot Hills to the mouth of the Tweed River on the east. The climate of England is fairly moderate and rarely has highly hot or clod temperatures. The temperatures range from 61 degerees farenheit to 40 degrees farenheit the hottest in July and the coldest in January. Fog, overcast skies, and mists are often frequent especially in places around Ireland. Precipitation is the heaviest durring October and average is about 30 inches anually in most parts of England.