Eminem as a good idol w/ bibliography

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He's got three hit albums, a record-breaking movie, and his own record label. Marshall Mathers. Slim Shady. Eminem. If you said any of those names four years ago, the normal response would be "Who?" But if you were to mention this controversial young rapper's name now, nearly everyone could give you their opinion of him and his views. He is arguably the biggest superstar in rap history, and also one of the most controversial. He …

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…asp?pid=754> October 2002. Eminem. The Marshall Mathers LP. Produced by Dr. Dre. Interscope Records. 2000. Eminem. The Eminem Show. Produced by Dr. Dre and Eminem. Aftermath Records. 2002. Fierman, Daniel. Entertainment Weekly. "Acting His Rage." Pg. 20-28. Issue #681. November 8, 2002. Sheffield, Rob and Eminem. Rolling Stone Magazine. "Rolling Stone's: People of the Year." Issue #911. December 12, 2002. Rolling Stone Magazine. "The Eminem Show: Rolling Stone Review." <http://www. rollingstone.com/reviews/cd/review.asp?aid=2044096&cf=>