Elsa Kumachuck in the Gabrielle Roy book Windflower

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Gabrielle Roy, the author of Windflower, shows us through her main character, Elsa Kumachuck, that isolation can have unfortunate effects on an individual and the people around them. We, as readers, are in the beginning given the impression that Elsa is a fit mother who is responsible and knows how to raise her child properly. Later on though, we realize that it's the influence of other people in her life and the experience of isolation …

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…they arrive at their destination, Elsa and Jimmy settle in and make a wonderful home for themselves. They never hear from anyone back home for anumber of years until Jimmy's father contacts them and moves in with them. He is was a jerk before but both Elsa and Jimmy decide to give him a chance. The two get married and have another child, a girl. And everyone lives happily for the rest of their time.