Elektrolux The Acquisition And Integration Of Zanussi

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The acquisition of different companies always indicates a change for both the acquiring and the acquired organisation and the people within. To successfully combine and integrate Elektrolux and Zanussi it is essential to consider both organisations´ formal and informal structures which are heavily influenced by their culture. Culture develops on the one hand nationwide but also specifically in an organisation. Building up trust is important to develop a working informal network, which supports the formal …

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…helps to build up a network, which supports the formal structure. Mr. Rossignolo´s statement that the Italians “ adopted the Swedish work ethic” (Case, p907) is similar to Leif Johansson´s, who said that the Swedish “adopted a completely new way of thinking.” (Case, p908) and shows that the merger of Elektrolux and Zanussi was in respect of culture and exchange successfully. Bibliography ▪ Quinn, Strategies for Change ▪ Breton and Wintrobe, The Logic of Bureaucratic Conduct