Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt, The Social Worker As the wife of a popular United States president, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City, October 11, 1884, and died November 7, 1962. She was an active worker for social causes. She was the niece of President Theodore Roosevelt, and was raised by her maternal grandmother after the premature death of her parents. In 1905 she married her cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They had six children, but one of them died in …

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…achieve this, and made her someone who has done a great deal for humanity. Premises: 1. Accomplishments 2. How she benefited mankind 3. Motivation to accomplish goals Works Cited Benton, William. "Roosevelt, Eleanor." Encyclopedia Britannica. 1968 ed. Lash, Joseph P. Eleanor: The Years Alone. New York: W.W. Norton & Company Inc., 1972. Roosevelt, Eleanor. You Learn By Living. New York: Harper & Brothers Publishing, 1960. Webster III, Orville. 50 Famous Americans. Los Angeles: JBG Publishing, 1991. Wilson, H.W. "Roosevelt, Eleanor." Current Biography. 1940 ed.