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"The Battle Of the Monarchs: Can Cathrine Really Be Worthy Of The Title Great?" Monarchy is rule by a king or queen. This one person can use it's overall power for good or evil. One very important monarch , probly the most powerful of all time, is Louis the XIV . Another very imporatnt monarch was Cathrine the great, who ruled during the mid-1700's. One could question if she was as succesful as , or even as …

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…rule. Though they are both very different both are very the same. their views on people. expansion, money and taxes are just a few of thier similarities. Cathrine the Great earned that title with her willingness to look at new things and her brodening of intellectual horizons which made her great. louis the XIV may have a had a longer rule and be more well known, Cathrine also made herself succesful. Bibliography Cathrine the Great