Eleanor Aquitaine

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Eleanor Aquitaine In 1122 William X and his wife Aénor of Châtellerault had a daughter be the name of Eleanor who also called herself Aliénor. She grew up in the presence of her father and the troubadours of the court. A young lady who strengthened every situation and marriage she was in and promoted the artistic influence of troubadours through out the land. She herself was greatly impressed by her grandfather William IX, …

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…good for her and then what was good for her children. Through her life she worked mainly on the peace between France and England and died at a time during peace. She died at the monastery at Fontevrault in Anjou. 1 Desmond Seward, Eleanor of Aquitaine (Barnes & Noble, 1978) pg. 16 2 Desmond Seward, pg. 16 3 Desmond Seward, pg. 16 4 Desmond Seward, pg. 21 5 Desmond Seward, pg.22 6 Desmond Seward, pg. 27 7 Desmond Seward, pg. 73 8 Desmond Seward, pg. 74 9 Desmond Seward, pg. 107 10 Desmond Seward, pg. 147