El Greco, the Spanish Artist.

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El Greco is the name of one of Mannerism's most well-known artists. Born in 1541 as Domenikos Theotokopoulus on the island of Crete, El Greco's paintings represented a change from naturalism to mannerism. Crete was a dependency of Venice, so it is highly likely that El Greco moved to Venice to pursue art studies. He remained in Venice from August 1568 to the fall of 1570, when he moved to Rome. While tradition holds that he was an …

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…Mannerist style of the 1500s. While his mysticism was well-suited for his time, his style was not as catchy. He did not have any major followers and died in 1641. The story of his life would end there, but his works were 'discovered' in the 1800s and 1900s, who were interested in his abstraction and emotionalism. Were it not for this, he would not be recognized as one of Spain's leading masters, as he is today.