Egyptian Boats

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Transportation has been a part of everyday culture since the beginning of time. In many societies transportation was used for travel, expeditions, trade, and religious purposes. In ancient Egypt the Nile was crucial to the lives of the Egyptians. Since roads were difficult to build in Egypt due to the immense amount of shifting sand, the Nile was the main source of transportation (Steedman 28). Transportation on the Nile was made possible by the construction of …

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…ancient Egypt greatly advanced society through trade and travel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Bibliography Steedman, Scott and David Antram. Egyptian Town. London: Franklin Watts, 1997 Jones, Dilwyn. Boats. Texas: First University of Texas Press Edition, 1995 Miguel, Pierre. Ancient Egyptians. New Jersey: Silver Burdett Company, 1987 Meadowcroft, Enid. The Gift of the river. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1937 Nile River, The. Home Page. 17 Nov. 1999 Egyptian Project 1. Home Page. 17 Nov. 1999