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"Egypt" -Egypt is located in the North East part of Africa. More than 90% of Egypt is desert. Only a very small portion of the population does not live along the Nile Valley and the Delta. Without the Nile River Egypt would be little more than a desert. Egypt has a hot season from May to September and a cool season from November to March. Egypt has very extreme temperatures year round. In the coastal region …

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…and several poisonous snakes. The country has approximately 300 species of birds. Some of these include the sunbird, golden oriole, pelican, flamingo, stork, and snipe. About 100 species of fish can be found in the Nile and in the deltaic lakes also. Egypt has various cultural facilities, including the Pocket Theater, the National Puppet Theater, and the Opera House. Folk dancing is also gaining popularity in Egypt. Well, that just about sums up the country of Egypt.