Effects of an alcoholic and what they will do to you family... Real life example !!

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Ever since I can remember, my father drank alcohol. My father would come home late loud, obnoxious and unstable. All the symptoms of being a drunk. My father had a drinking problem, he had a disease know as alcoholism. He thought there was nothing in this entire world that was wrong with him . He believed that he wasn't different but that it was everyone around him that was different. My father honestly did not think …

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…Counseling a client about alcoholism or about abortion is a touchy subject for me and would be very difficult for me to see my clients point of view. As a new beginner to the counseling field I do not see how I could look past those two situations in a positive way. I wouldn't know how to help my client, but im sure throughout the rest of the class sessions I will overcome that problem.