Effects of Child abuse.

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Child abuse devastates many lives. Chris Crutcher, the celebrated young adult fiction writer, addresses this issue in many of his works (Artists and Authors). As a former teacher and therapist, Crutcher understands the lives of young adults and the problems they face (Artists and Authors). His characters are faced with child abuse in many different forms. The author explores the effects of abuse on teens, and offers ways to cope with the abuse in effective …

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…com). The abuser will also receive help, for example, therapy or anger management (Childabuse.com). There are also groups such as Parents Anonymous that the abuser can attend for help and support (Childabuse.com). In conclusion, Chris Crutcher faces child abuse head on in his fiction for young adults. He inspires his readers to recognize the problem, and be prepared if they encounter it in their lives. Most importantly, reach out to others for help.