Effective Reading Comprehension with Computer Quizzes

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EFFECTING READING COMPREHENSION WITH COMPUTER QUIZZES Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of periodic computer-based comprehension quizzes in reading classrooms. Two special education resource-reading classes were used in this study. The students in one of the classes (Class X) received periodic computer-based comprehension quizzes as they read various books. The students in the other class (Class Y) did not. Both classes received computer-based comprehension tests upon completion of reading various …

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…level of interest among the students. And all teachers are for anything that does that. References Fresch, M.J. (1999, March). Alice in computerland: Using the Internet as a resource for teaching reading. Reading Teacher, 52, 652-653. Riley, R.W. (1999, October). Technology in every classroom. Teaching PreK-8, 29 (2), 8. Sullivan, J. (1998, September). The electronic journal: Combining literacy and technology. Reading Teacher, 52 (1), 90-94. Gelernter, D. (1998, May). No--learn first, surf later. Time, 151(20), 55-58. Ravich, D. (1998, March). The great technology mania. Forbes, 161 (6), 134