Edwin Arlington Robinson

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The Psychological Poetry of Edwin Arlington Robinson “Theirs is a good deal to live for, but a man has to go through hell really to find it out”- Edwin Arlington Robinson (Reuben “Chapter 7”). Robinson did not live up to this expectation. Some people believe he did not achieve the fame that he was capable of achieving (Adams “The Failure…”). But through his poetry, his phychological style of writing has caught the attention of many …

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…fifty years old! So if Robinson could have been more popular than he was, couldn’t he have written more works than he did? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Works Cited “A Page For Edwin!” 5/4/00. <www.du.edu/~dokonski/robin.html> “Edwin Arlington Robinson”. The Gale Group. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, tenth edition,© 1994. <http://galenet.gale.com/a/acp/netacgi/nph-brs?d=DTC…/poets.html&r=1&f=7> “Edwin Arlington Robinson”. 5/4/00. www.pbs.org/wnet/ihas/poet/Robinson.html