Edward Gibbons Fall of Rome

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In Edward Gibbons, DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE he argues that the reason for Rome's fall is because of Germanic invasions, a decline in public morality, and the rise of Christianity. With all of the above statements I would agree that Edward Gibbons is correct. They all help in the fall of the Roman empire. Where I think he did go wrong was in neglecting to state the other numerous reasons that help …

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…retreat to the country, resulted not only in the empires economy being weak, but moreover a general failure to function. It was the combanation of these above reasons and the ones listed by Edward Gibbons, that triggered the roman empires decline and fall. But we can never be absolutely sure reasons. It could have been something like the lead pipes used in their aqueducts or even an evolution of human society to the next level.