Education in developing countries

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Education can be defined as all forms of human learning or more narrowly as the process that occurs in specialized institutions called “schools”. It is unquestionably the most important form of human resource development, economists have agreed to the idea that education has an important role on economic growth. In many developing countries, there has been increasing concern on education. Thailand is a country that has experienced great economic growth in the past few years …

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…of education and health. But it is also apparent that investment in human resources helps to accelerate economic growth. As more and more people understand the role of education in a person's life, "Education for all" will no long be just a phase, but a reality. Reference: "South-East Asia's learning difficulties", The Economist, 16 August 1997. "No school, no future", The Economist, 27 March 1999. Malcolm Gillis, ed.,Economics of Development, 4th ed. (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1996).