Education Aided or Replaced by Computers

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Education: Aided or Replaced by Computers People said that the horseless carriage would never amount to a thing. New ideas always undergo severe scrutiny, but sometimes they survive the cynical blows and begin a new road of innovations. David Gelernter, of Yale University, writes in his essay "Unplugged" that people should weigh the value of technology because it is not always as advantageous as it seems. He claims, for example, that the misuse of computers …

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…an age where information technology is the main driver of the economy, people are convinced that computers and the Internet are the answers to all of our problems. Our school systems must continually review the basics and fundamentals of education. These basics include reading, writing,mathematics, and learning to think individually as well as socially. Computers must not take the place of any of these fundamentals, but rather aid students in learning these fundamentals. Bibliography