Educating our Youth toward responsible citizenry.

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Aristotle opened the last chapter of his Politics as follows 'No one should doubt that the legislature should direct his attention to above all the education of youth. The citizen should be moulded to suit the form of government under which he lives', (Leirman, pp. 9,1999). The great philosophers all paid strong attention to education. Thus, Plato's Republic, often held to be a political treatise, is in the first place a profound essay on education. Aristotle …

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…power is seen by some as begin akin to a law of nature; by others, as simply an outrage", (Ikenberry, pp. 97). Instead of looking for ways to convert man to the Lockeian perspective we must first establish for children their right to responsible citizenry.         In the tradition of studies of culture we must make reference to customs. Customs are those learned practices and actions, which we assume, based on the dynamics of our individual lives.