Edgar Allan Poe's Life

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Poe's alcoholism, the cause of his death. Throughout Edgar Allan Poe's life, there were many sad circumstances that caused his sudden death. According to different sources based on his life such as Outline of Poe's Life & Works, The Work of Edgar Allan Poe(1809-1849), Biography of Edgar Allan Poe and Edgar Allan Poe Brochure, Poe had a short and bohemia life mostly surrounded by unhappy events. In fact other incidents such as his broken …

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…death was the last touch for his giving up to alcohol. Two years later, he was found outside a polling place. His death never was established by the doctors. All in all, there was an only cause of Poe's death; it was his alcoholism dependence. But there were many facts that fed this monster of addiction and during the time it grew up and up until it killed a brilliant poet and writer. Word count 503