Ecstasy and its effects

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Drugs are a rising problem with today’s teens. “New” and “hip” drugs are especially on the rise. One of these up and coming substances is Ecstasy. Properly known as MDMA (methyldioxymethamphetamine), Ecstasy is most commonly used at dance clubs, raves, and atmospheres where there are a lot of people and loud music. Ecstasy is often referred to as, “E”, “X”, and “rolls”. In this paper, I will show what can be found in ecstasy, …

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…of drinking lots of water. There are several other dangers associated with Ecstasy use, but by knowing about and recognising the dangers, it is possible to reduce the risks to a minimum. The most important thing to be aware of is that Ecstasy masks discomfort and pain, so that you may feel OK and carry on doing something when you would normally feel awful and stop. Most Ecstasy-related deaths are due to over ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**