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University of Phoenix Science 256: People, Science, and the Environment Ecosystem Succession Paper 31Jan05 Ecosystem 2. Succession Succession is a phenomenon of transition in community structure and function which is time related and often occurs in a somewhat predictable manner. Primary succession, (fig 5-4, pg 87) occurs following formation of a new, yet barren habitat for colonization. Such a habitat may be formed by volcanic activity, glacial activity, or strip-mining; it initially lacks soil. A study of Glacier …

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…Tornado and it destroyed a wide path through the city. Then, a year or two later another large tornado took the same path and damaged much of the same area. The weather played a huge part in the slow recovery process of the ecosystem and the economy. Ecosystem 5. References Koning, Ross E. 1994. Biotic Factors. Plant Physiology Information Website. (2-8-2005). Ecological Monographs: Vol. 64, No. 2, pp. 149-175.