Economic Rebirth or Social Suicide

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Economic Rebirth or Social Suicide Any mention of Las Vegas conjures up images of glitzy casinos with flashy neon facades; a city built by gangsters to feast upon the hopes of reckless tourists. Now Las Vegas is losing its singular claim to fame. State by state, the gambling industry has finagled its self to the brink of national prominence. Five years ago the only legalized gambling casinos were in Las Vegas and Atlantic City; 22 states …

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…should be made to prevent the proliferation of casinos throughout this country. Works Cited Goodman, Robert. “Legalized Gambling as a Strategy for Economic Development.” Online: AOL. April 20, 1998. Reed, Betsy. “America’s New Addiction: How the Gambling Industry is Seducing the States.” Dollars and Sense Magazine. July/Aug 1994: 18+. Richter, Jonathan D. “Its a Gamble” St. Louis Post Dispatch 26 Feb. 1995 3-4. Online: AOL. April 20, 1998. Wienberg, Lee S. “Distressed cities increasingly bank on casino gambling.” USA Today. November 14, 1993, 3.