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This is the story of the bravest hero that ever walked among men. His name was Eckules and his mission was to defeat the undefeated, to conquer the unconquerable. Eckules, son of Hercules and Queen Elizabeth II, had the strength of a thousand men and the courage of ten thousand. He feared nothing and was feared by every evil thing under the sun. He was loved by everyone who knew him, and even those who …

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…walked the earth. He was destroying the mind of parents and children alike. The battle lasted only a few minutes, with his bear hands; he ripped of the head of the dinosaur and placed it high for everyone to see. It was his symbol that wherever evil lived, Eckules would be there. Wherever people were afraid to leave their house he would help. Altogether, Eckules lived 365 years, 20 days, and then was no more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**