Ebonics 3

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This week’s reading about race questioned the common idea of what ‘race’ is. Most people would think of race as a physical, concrete identity stemming from ancestry. Superficial qualities, such as skin color, dominate the common views of race. Fields, however, throws out the idea of race being a concrete entity, and instead says that race is purely ideological. It is something brought about by social issues and concerns, and is entirely socially and …

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…black versus white. I don’t believe Fields would be a very big proponent of ebonics based on this very idea. As she thinks that race is socially-constructed, so are the ‘inherent’ differences between whites and blacks. I’m willing to bet that just like she said about race, she would also say that a language exclusive to those with dark skin is ‘'a notion that is profoundly - and in its very essence ideological’.